Junior Leadership Sheboygan County

To bring together and prepare emerging and current STUDENT leaders from various segments of the community in a program designed to:
PREPARE students for future leadership positions in Sheboygan County
IDENTIFY & explore pivotal community issues
EXPOSE participants to current problems and challenge them to test alternative solutions
PROVIDE opportunities to meet and discuss ideas with local leaders and each other
PROMOTE an appreciation of the resources, institutions, cultural programs, and people of Sheboygan County
FACILITATE a network of key individuals to volunteer time and talent to the community and community-based organizations.

  • Friendships have been made and a strong bond felt towards Classmates and Community
  • Discovering what it means to be a Leader
  • The ability to take the information presented and use it both personally and professionally
  • Introduce high school students to education, employment, and volunteer opportunities throughout Sheboygan County
  • Engage high school students in local offerings and resources, such as internships and co-ops to encourage students to stay here beyond graduation or return after college/military completion
  • Teach leadership skills such as stewardship, team building, managing conflict, public speaking, working in diverse settings and so much more

This opportunity is available to 11th and 12th grade students in Sheboygan County. If this course is available for credit, it is at the discretion of the individual school district.

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