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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is a program designed to connect hiring managers in Sheboygan County with job seekers. Learn how you can become a part of our network of recruiters and candidates!

Sheboygan County

Think BIG. Influence Local.

The Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce fosters professional success on both an individual and business level. Our programming, advocacy, and strategic initiatives focusing on the Betterment, Improvement, and Growth of Sheboygan County provide a breadth of value to businesses of all sizes and individuals of all ages.  

As a Chamber member, expect to build lasting and impactful relationships. You will be immersed in opportunities to seek knowledge from industry experts, network, learn about and influence policy decisions in your community, and more. The Sheboygan County population is incredibly diverse, and you will find diversity reflected in both the members and programming of the Chamber of Commerce. 

Dive in with us at the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce. A horizon of opportunity awaits.

Why Choose us?

Become a Chamber Member

Being a member is an investment in yourself and your neighbors. Build relationships, grow professionally, and impact the community.

Event Fees

Enjoy reduced ticket and table fees for popular events.

Chamber Events

Celebrate the success of your peers, gain recognition through sponsorships, and build deeper relationships.

Built in
Sales Staff

Expand your reach through the Chamber and its members with free advertising.


Support local businesses with the use of Chamber Cash.

Meeting Spaces

Host meetings in one of our newly renovated spaces.

Preferred Referrals

Relationships built with Chamber members lead to more referrals and continued business.

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Chamber Members

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Chamber Cash Redeemed in 2023

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Programs, events and meetings annually

What We Do

Sheboygan Chamber Anchors

Government & Advocacy

Legislation affects the business climate. We recognize the importance of advocacy and education in influencing policy at the local and state level. Our programming brings decision makers together to hear your voice and concerns.

Workforce Development

With unemployment rates low and the need for a qualified workforce high, it is imperative we lead the charge in workforce development with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Find and post open positions, tune into upcoming events and get the latest employment news of Sheboygan County.

Professional Development

Providing affordable and accessible opportunities for professional development relates directly to the economic success of our community. We are here to offer resources necessary to encourage the betterment, improvement and growth of our employees and their workforces.

Join the Sheboygan Chamber

New Horizons

Individuals and communities thrive when they continually seek to improve and innovate. As a member of the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce, see new horizons and impact the future success of Sheboygan area businesses and community.
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